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When John David and Emily told me that I’d be getting field experience with caregivers on my first few days at Outreach, my initial thought was, “Oh great. They’re testing me already.”     

I nervously walked up to the Outreach building each time I went into the field, praying that I wouldn’t do or say anything to mess up my first-ever “big girl” job. However, on my third trip, something changed.   

Faye Marie Francis introduced herself to me as the supervisor I’d be shadowing for the day. Upon first meeting her, I was stunned. Not only did she have the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, but she had a handshake that I’m sure could win any arm-wrestle.   

After a few minutes in the car with her, I learned that Faye’s been an Outreach employee for close to five years and has three grown children. She’s also been married for 33 years to her high school sweetheart.   

As if that wasn’t endearing enough, her daily commute just to our office in Richardson, Texas, is over an hour. Not to mention the other multiple hours she spends meeting with clients at their homes.   

I remember Faye saying, “I love the relationships I build with my clients. It’s not just a job to me.”   

I love that. There aren’t many people that care about who they serve or their jobs. I was and still am genuinely touched by her kindness towards others.   

We went to some of the most dilapidated living conditions I’ve ever seen, and Faye never complained. To her, it’s all worth it.   

She also enjoys going to the gym—seriously, look at her Michelle Obama arms if you see her. At least they allow her to give the best hugs; I just stand a little farther away from her in pictures.    

My third time into the field was the charm for me. Meeting Faye has changed my perspective on just how much supervisors do for clients.    

Though not technically a caregiver, that doesn’t mean supervisors work any less; it’s quite the opposite. More often than not, supervisors fill in for caregivers that are unable to make appointments.   

Supervisors can also serve as a mentor and moral support to the team they serve.    

In any case, Faye inspires me to stay strong in my faith and myself as a woman. I’m so grateful to be working at a company that affords women like Faye an opportunity to be a #bossbabe and mentor to other young women.