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Community Care Administrator (El Paso, TX)

Date Posted:
Job Title: Community Care Administrator
Division: Community Care
Location: El Paso, TX
Job Type: Administrative/Professional
Job Duties:

The Administrator will administratively supervise the provision of all agency services. He/She has the overall day-to-day responsibility for the effective and efficient operation of all agency services to include supervision of both professional and support staff, training, service delivery and control activities. Assists in assuring compliance with Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) standards, licensure rules and regulations.

Skills Required:

• Shall be a physician, registered nurse, licensed therapist, licensed social worker, or licensed nursing home administrator.
•Shall not have been employed in the last year as an administrator with another agency at time the agency was cited with violations of the statute of Chapter 25 of the Texas Administrative Code, which resulted in enforcement action taken against the agency.
Must be able to read, write and comprehend English and have effective leadership, supervisory and communication skills.


• Administratively supervise the implementation of agency policy as relayed by the Chief Operations Officer of CCD.
• Administratively supervise the provision of services to the clients.
• Evaluates client satisfaction survey reports on clients served.
• Organize and direct agency’s ongoing functions.
• Generates reports, data and recommendations for use by the Regional director or Chief Operations Officer.
• Supervise accounting, record-keeping functions and all internal controls thus implementing an effective budgeting and accounting system.
• Direct and coordinate final quality control in service delivery.
• Employs and manages qualified personnel following procedures established by the Human Resource Department.
• Lead and participate in the orientation, education of all agency staff.
• Coordinate cross training with other agency programs ensuring adequate evaluations and documentation.
• Promote communication/public relations with referral sources.
• Establish a responsible purchasing program.
• Control assets and conduct inventories on a regular basis.
• Remain up-to-date on contractual regulations of referral sources and monitor agency’s compliance.
• Be responsible for appropriate handling/resolution of complaints against the agency.
• Provide technical assistance and monitoring to ensure accuracy, completeness and timeliness of paperwork.
• Communicate with DADS staff, third-party resources, therapists, medical supply companies, pharmacies, home modification contractors, and others as needed to facilitate client services.
• Visit the case manager in the DADS, MCO’s and other partners offices as contractually prescribed in order to maintain communication, receive referrals, and resolve problems, entering referral data on agency/DADS log.
• Responsible for obtaining six (6) clock hours per year of continuing education in subjects related to the duties of an administrator.
• Must be available during the agency’s usual working hours.
• Appoints the Director of Patient Care.
• Any other duties that may be deemed necessary by the Chief Operations Officers or Regional Director.
• Must comply with Texas EVV requirements.
• Must learn and effectively utilize software and web based OHS vendors, such as MedSys, PayCom and NetSuite.