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Data Coordinator (Amarillo, TX)

Date Posted:
Job Title: Data Coordinator
Division: Community Care
Location: Amarillo, TX
Job Type: Clerical
Job Duties:

• Keys all client and attendant information into the computer system.
• Updates information as needed in a timely manner.
• Runs reports to identify attendant conflicting schedules.
• Enters client visits.
• Reconciles any overpayment with TMHP.
• Assists in the overall flow of paperwork.
• Communicates with DADS any client registration problems needing corrective action on their part.
• Provides technical assistance and monitoring to ensure accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of paperwork.
• Assists administration in the monitoring of attendant over-times.
• Submits original invoices to Field Support Office for payments.
• Serves as a backup to assist non-clinical staff in the completion of their duties.
• Participates in training of new staff when required.
• Generates reports, data, and information for use by Administrator.
• Assists in direction and coordination of quality control in service delivery.
• Bills and creates payroll for all other attendant care services offered by OHS.
• Accepts and coordinates all other program referrals.
• Any other duties as deemed necessary by the administrator.

Skills Required:

The Data Coordinator works independently, under direct or indirect supervision, and is responsible for entering all referral sources, client and attendant information into the computer system as well as generating checks, forms and reports as needed. This individual is responsible for billing and collection of all outstanding accounts receivable and maintains the agency’s accounting records. He/She will coordinate client care through referrals to third party resources to obtain services for the client as well as notify the supervisor, Director of Patient Care, Administrator, and/or TDHS case worker of any pertinent client information. The IDS Coordinator assists in assuring compliance with the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) standards, licensure rules and regulations.


• High school graduate or GED preferred
• Excellent computer/math skills and must be detail oriented/accurate.
• Six months of data entry experience in an office setting preferred.
• Must be able to operate a 10 key calculator.
• Bilingual desired but not required.
• Must have good interpersonal communication, time management and problem solving skills.