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Caregiver of the Month

Our October Caregiver of the Month is Shirley Barnes. Shirley has been with outreach since 0ctober, 3rd, 2007! She is and always has been a big asset to our office and her patients. Shirley not only does her job but does it with compassionate and a caring attitude, Shirley lives Outreach’s mission statement in the care she provides to our clients each and every time she sees them.

Field Supervisor, Bobbie Shield says, “Shirley is one of the happiest people I have ever had the pleasure to know and she has a laugh that could turn ANY frown into a smile. When we send Shirley to care for our clients who at the time are without a regular attendant they always request that she continue to stay because she is such a positive person and a extremely caring individual.”

Shirley has entertained the idea of retirement , she will turn 83 in January and we all wish she would stay forever but also want what’s best for Shirley!. She is someone not only in her work ethic but also her attitude toward life we should all strive to be! Great job Shirley! You are an asset to Outreach and we are so glad to have you on our team!