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Caregiver of the Month

Outreach Health would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our caregiver Kimmy Edwards for her excellent performance throughout her THIRTY years of service with us! Not only has she been with Outreach for 30 years, she has been able to care for the same client the entire time!

Amanda Rivas, RN Seymour supervisor, said, “She is such a sweet individual with a heart of gold.” Kimmy recently retired from housekeeping at North Texas State Hospital. Before retiring from the hospital, she would start each day at the hospital at 4 a.m, and finish the day with her Outreach client late in the evening.

Kimmy enjoys traveling, working in her garden, and spending time with her three grandchildren. She and her client like to work on arts and crafts and decorating for every holiday. Amanda says the house looks like a winter wonderland at Christmas time.

Thank you, Kimmy, for being such a blessing to Outreach!