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Outreach Health Caregiver Awards

Outreach Health is proud to be partnering with Molina Healthcare on a Value-Based Care Project. Along with their MCO partners, Outreach is committed to serving clients in a manner that is outcomes driven. For each area participating in this project, caregivers have been recognized for their outstanding performance and dedication to the health and safety of their clients. These amazing caregivers are going the extra mile to ensure the people in their care stay happy and healthy in their homes.  

Congratulations to Jennifer Garza, recipient for the San Antonio area! Ms. Garza has been a Caregiver at Outreach Health for almost 8 years. She works hard to make sure her clients are consistently getting the care and support they need. She reports changes in their conditions quickly to her supervisors to insure nothing is overlooked in their care.   


Gloria Sanchez was nominated for the Edinburg area. Those who work with Ms. Sanchez say she is an excellent caregiver who is quick to report any concerns she has with her clients’ health. She is very responsible and committed to taking the best care of the clients in her care, who in turn, speak very highly of her. Ms. Sanchez has been a Caregiver with Outreach Health for three years.  


The winner of the award in Richardson area is Ethel Cofer. For Ms. Cofer, caregiving is not just a job, but a calling. She has been caring for others in her community since 1991! She can tackle any new challenge put before her with grace and compassion. As an experienced and professional caregiver, she knows what changes to look for in her clients’ condition and what needs to be reported. Ms. Cofer is pictured with client, Ms. Jones, and puppy Taz.   

Congratulations to Elisa Pacheco, the recipient for the El Paso area. Ms. Elisa Pacheco has been an employee with Outreach Health since 2004, and with her Molina clients since 2012. Ms. Pacheco is very helpful to both supervisors and clients. She keeps a close eye on her clients’ conditions and makes sure they are receiving the care they need. She is very hardworking and is always willing to work weekends when her clients’ need her. Ms. Pacheco is a perfect example of a Rock Star Caregiver!  



Thank you to all Outreach Caregivers for the dedication and love you show to those entrusted in your care. Outreach Health is very thankful for each and every one of you!