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Outreach Self-Direction is currently offered in Texas, North Carolina and Wisconsin. We are working hard to expand to additional states in the near future.
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What is Self-Directed Care?self-care-couple-2

Self-Directed Services is a Medicaid option that provides for greater control and personal preference in the delivery of your services. With this option, you take responsibility to locate, hire, and train the persons who will provide your services. You also maintain control of the Medicaid budget and how those funds are allocated for your specific services.

However, along with the benefits of greater control, the specific financial and reporting requirements can be difficult to manage. That's where the Consumer-Directed Services division of Outreach Health Services can help. We provide the guidance, tools and financial reporting functions that can make this option a manageable reality.

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Your staff has been great to keep me on track and notifying me with friendly reminders.
I appreciate her!

Patricia A.
Self-Directed Services Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Self-Directed Care

What is self-direction?

Self-direction gives more control and choice to the person receiving services by allowing the individual to choose who they want to provide the services, what services are needed and when they are provided.  You are the decision maker. You recruit, interview, hire, schedule and manage your workers.  You also are expected to approve the hours your employee works and must be careful to stay within your budget and authorized service hours.  With self-direction you have more opportunity to live the life you want to live.  Because you have more choice you also have more responsibility.  Generally, the people who self-direct their care are more satisfied with their services.

Who is available to help me if I choose to self-direct?

You are not alone!  You can choose a Personal Representative to help you with employer tasks (recruiting, interviewing, hiring, scheduling, signing time sheets, monitor spending).  The Personal Representative cannot be an employee or be paid for their assistance.

Your Case Manager is a support as well.  The Case Manager performs the assessment, determines service needs and hours of service.  If there is a change in your health condition, the Case Manager may revise your care plan.  The Case Manager is in close contact with the Fiscal Management Agency to monitor spending and problem solve issues as needed.

The Fiscal Management Agency (FMA) is your payroll agent.  The FMA prepares, distributes and receives and processes all participant (individual receiving services) and new employee forms.  The agency will receive time sheets (electronic or paper) and process payroll for your employees.  This includes paying both the employer and employee taxes.  The FMA also brokers workers compensation for your employees so that their medical costs are covered if injured on the job or if they lose wages as a result of the injury.  Lastly, the FMA is available to assist with employer tasks.  We want you to be successful managing your care!

Your employee(s) is also part of your support team.

What does it mean to be an employer?

Being an employer means you are in charge!  Essentially, you are running a mini business. You hire and manage your own employees. There are lots of rules and regulations for being an employer.  As an FMA, Outreach will educate you to what the rules and regulations are and support you to be the very best employer.

What is a self-directed care budget and what is my role in managing it?

Your case manager establishes your budget through the assessment process.  Once the services you need and the frequency of services is established a budget is identified.  You will be made aware of your budget amount.  You then can work with your care team to identify what services you want, the frequency of the services and the amount of pay you want to reimburse your employees.  What you identify cannot exceed your annual budget amount.  The FMA (Outreach) provides a Spending Summary that you can use to track whether your spending is on target.  It is important to not over spend your budget.  That means you will not have enough services to last you through the year.

How do I submit my employees work time and how are they paid?

Outreach has an easy online time entry process.  Your employee can enter time worked daily or once a week (every Monday).  The participant approves it.  If you or your employee do not have a computer or smart phone you can fax in a paper time sheet.  In order for your employee to be paid on time, Outreach must receive work time every Monday by midnight.  In some instances, Outreach will send you the paper time sheet.  They are available on the website if you need them.

Employees are paid every two weeks.  Pay can be directly deposited in their bank account or on a pay card.  The employee can also receive a paper check.  If the employee receives a paper check, they accept responsibility for delays with the postal service.  We are convince the mail is delivered by horseback in some places!

How do I get involved in self-directed services?

Ask your case manager!  They have the information you need to become involved.