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In 1975, we began with one employee and the goal of being sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of the elderly by providing quality home health services to the rural counties surrounding Dallas.

Today, we are a diverse, Mission-oriented, health services company with over 7,000 employees who touch the lives of thousands of families every day. In 2015, we are celebrating 40 years of providing the quality home health care we originally envisioned.

Outreach Health Services reflects the Christian faith of its owners and founders. Interested employees have opportunities for prayer, Bible study, and training. Upon request, company chaplains assist patients and employees through spiritual counsel and prayer. In addition, a portion of the company's profits are dedicated to ministry projects here and around the world.

Outreach Health Services continues to be guided by our Mission Statement...

Outreach Health Services’ Mission is to honor God in all we do by providing superior service and support to our patients, clients, families, employees, and the health care community.

To this end, we will always strive to create a caring, responsive environment that will nurture individual growth, focus on teamwork, and foster meaningful community relations.