About Us

Our Purpose

Outreach Health’s Mission is to honor God in all we do by providing superior service and support to our clients, families, employees, and the health care community.

Our Vision is to be the trusted partner in quality outcome-based home care.

In the rapidly changing healthcare industry, Outreach has earned a reputation of providing innovative solutions to improve the outcomes of our clients and healthcare partners. We seek to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality of outcome-based care.

Southwestern Roots

In 1975, Outreach Health started as one of the first home health care companies in Texas by our founder, William E. (Buddie) Ball, who served as a nursing home administrator. Buddie experienced firsthand the effects on those who had to move away from their familiar surroundings and the life they had worked a lifetime to build. His ambition was to help everyone age with dignity and to remain safe, happy, and healthy at home.

We have grown from a small agency in Garland, TX, to one of the leading agencies in the Southwest. We are still a family-owned and operated business living out the original mission while continuing to earn and maintain the trust of our clients, their families, as well as the health care community at large.


John David

John David Ball

Chief Executive Officer

John David serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Outreach Health. He grew up watching his father, William (Buddie) Ball grow the 1975 startup into one of the largest and most admired home care agencies in Texas.
John David is passionate about delivering quality and innovative care to at risk populations and creating value for all stakeholders in the client’s journey to improved health. Having worked in various capacities throughout the company for over 15 years, he understands the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare environment. Previously, John David served as Executive Chairman and worked in various leadership roles throughout the organization. Since taking the CEO role in 2019, John David’s primary focus is on innovating the care delivery model to support the growing need in the industry.
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Emily Smith

Chief Administrative Officer

As the daughter of the founder, Emily was introduced to home care at an early age as she grew up in and around Outreach. Providing home care became very personal to her when her grandmother, suffering from dementia, moved in with her family.
At that time, Emily and her mother, a home health RN, became her caregivers for the next six years. While Emily learned the business side from her father, she learned how to be a compassionate caregiver from her mother. During high school and college breaks, she worked in various departments at Outreach. Upon graduation from John Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in business management, she began her full-time employment with Outreach. As Chief Administrative Officer, Emily is dedicated to constantly improving and perfecting the Outreach experience for all stakeholders: team members, clients, and the health care community. Emily is passionate about conserving the company’s long-standing culture that has made Outreach a wonderful place to work for over 45 years!
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Audrey Hicks

Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer and with over three decades of caregiving experience, Audrey started her caregiving journey at the age of 14, caring for her grandmother and aunts before and after school. After working in the nursing home and hospital settings, Audrey found her way back to home care, where she received the mentoring and guidance necessary to pave the way from working as a Special Attendant to being promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2019.
Audrey is committed to enhancing the client care experience and a strong believer in, “if they ask you to come back, you have done something right.” When at home, Audrey loves watching movies, sports, and spending time with her husband and two children.
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Larry Pinder

Chief Financial Officer

As the Financial Executive Officer, Larry has a passion for improving the value a business generates for its stakeholders, especially the employees who make it all happen and the customers the business exists to serve. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Marketing, Larry appreciates the reason businesses exist and the customers and markets they serve, and the financial language of business and back-end operations.
Larry has numerous certifications, including an IMA’s CMA and PMI’s PMP certifications. He also acquired an MBA in Strategy and Management and followed up with IMA’s CSCA certification to further round out the practical application of strategy and finance. Outside of work, Larry is a reformed musician who spent too many hours looking for the perfect guitar and amp tone and spent too many evenings singing karaoke. He tries not to but gets involved in the occasional animal rescue; a Canadian goose is the latest.
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Roxie Atkins

Director of Legal Services and Chief Compliance Officer

As the Director of Legal Services and Chief Compliance Officer, Roxie has a strong passion for healthcare law and serving the community's most vulnerable population. Roxie oversees the company's legal matters and works with outside counsel as needed. Her responsibilities include planning, oversight, and coordination of activities that ensure organizational compliance with regulations and policies throughout Outreach Health.
Roxie takes pride in developing strategies to embed ethics and compliance into the core operation of Outreach, fostering a work environment where all employees act with integrity, morals, and ethics to protect each other, clients, and the communities we serve. Roxie is a licensed attorney with a Juris Doctor degree, has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science, and is also Certified in Healthcare Compliance. She is originally from New Orleans, LA, was raised in Norfolk, VA, and loves to travel.
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Christina Dunlap

Director of Employee Experience

As the Director of Employee Experience and with over 25 years in Human Resources and Benefits Administration, Christina has been with Outreach Health for 20 years and is passionate about serving the employees of Outreach in the Healthcare Community. She enjoys learning current Human Resources trends and developments.
Christina has experience in Human Resources planning, staffing and onboarding, federal and state law compliance, employee benefits, compensation, payroll, training, and development.
She looks forward to assisting with moving Outreach forward with a variety of company initiatives to champion company culture and employee satisfaction.
Christina is also passionate about health and wellness and has led various wellness initiatives at Outreach throughout the years. She enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, and all water related activities.
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Shannon Early

North Texas Regional Director

As a Regional Director with over 20 years of management experience in the healthcare fields, Shannon started her medical career in LTC before growing in management in Assisted Living. She found Home Health Services to be her true calling 10 years ago. Shannon is passionate about connecting with clients, caregivers, and staff.
She believes in motivating and helping her teams to grow personally and professionally. In her down time from work Shannon enjoys quilting, reading, and time with her family.
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Crissy Weeks

Crissy Weeks

Arizona State Director

From the Treasurer of a Bank in Seattle, Washington to the State Director in Arizona! Crissy has been in home care since 2012, first coming on board as the Finance Director moving into the role of State Director in 2017 with the acquisition of Assured Home Care. She has her BA in Accounting and has over 30 years’ experience in the field of accounting/finance with several years in operations.
She is dedicated and driven to grow the Arizona region for Outreach Health . She has compassion, loyalty and love for her employees, caregivers, and clients! Crissy's desire to care for those in need, draws her to the healthcare industry. When not in the office, you can usually find Crissy enjoying a day with her family or hitting the trail on her horses!
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Gerardo Segura

Director of IT

Gerardo Segura is the Director of IT for Outreach Health and has an extensive background in Information Technology with over twenty years of experience. Gerardo specializes in systems administration and computer engineering. An individual who has the passion to learn new things and is not afraid of a challenge. A strong believer in teamwork and passionate about helping others which is why he is drawn to the health care industry.
Before joining Outreach, Gerardo worked with Verizon, AT&T, and Honeywell. A husband to a wonderful wife and a proud father of three lovely kids. In his spare time, Gerardo enjoys spending time with his family and watching movies, camping, and any outdoor activities. As a hobby, Gerardo likes to fix objects around the house to further his knowledge in other areas and not just technology.
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