How Seniors Should Stay Active During The Pandemic To Prevent Falls

As we age, we are more likely to fall, and while most falls do not result in serious harm, they can leave you feeling concerned. Footwear, medicine, decreased strength, poor coordination, limited mobility, or a health condition can all contribute to a fall. The changes in your health may not be apparent at first because they occur gradually.

It’s crucial to have regular checks to catch any problems before they become serious. Here are a few things you can do to prevent falls and stay on your feet.

 Stay active

The pandemic has affected people’s lives worldwide, and with government laws on self-distance and self-isolation, seniors have found it challenging to maintain a physically active lifestyle. It is essential to know that your muscle strength and balance decline as you become older, leading to a fall.

There are a few things you may do daily to maintain an active lifestyle during the epidemic. Keeping your lungs, heart, and brain healthy requires engaging in activities that work your cardiovascular system.

Good examples include:


Whenever you’re unsure about how to stay active, walking is a good option. Even a 20-minute stroll around the block is excellent for you! Do not feel obligated to go for long walks every day. Take advantage of it by incorporating it into your daily routine.

Walking activities for the seniors

  • Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, use the steps
  • Join a walking group: You’ll meet new people and socialize
  • Instead of driving, walk to the store
  • Get out for a trek over the weekend

Benefits you get from having a walk

  • Maintains cardiac strength, minimizing the risk of hypertension, stroke, and heart disease
  • It strengthens your bones, which helps avoid osteoporosis, a disorder that causes your bones to become brittle and easily broken
  • You will improve your mood and psychological well-being. Besides reducing stress, walking in the fresh air can be a social activity that you can do with friends to combat loneliness and isolation

Can you exercise if you have an injury or are in pain? A doctor or instructor can change exercises to suit your capabilities, and they will advise you of the best way to exercise safely.


Seniors who enjoy the outdoors may find that gardening is an excellent way of staying fit and active. You gain both health and therapeutic advantages. Create a charming, accessible, and productive garden by modifying the garden beds and the tools.

Planning and making a few tweaks might help create a safe, accessible place if seniors have medical conditions or physical limitations that prevent them from gardening. 

Gardening activities for older people

Among the gardening activities that older adults may enjoy are:

  • Harvesting food and flowers
  • Planting and Watering
  • Touching, smelling, gazing, listening, and remembering are all examples of sensory satisfaction
  • Food preparation
  • Plant-related activities and crafts

Benefits of gardening for seniors

  • Improves your mobility and flexibility
  • Strengthens and increases endurance
  • Encourages an interest in nature and the great outdoors
  • Provide fresh, locally grown food
  • Improves your motor abilities while having fun

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a low-impact workout that promotes mobility, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility. These are critical in terms of older people’s health. Chair yoga is a more accessible kind of yoga that puts less strain on the muscles, joints, and bones than traditional forms of yoga.

Regular chair yoga participants experience higher sleep quality, lower depression rates, and a general sense of well-being.

Excellent chair yoga exercises for the elderly

  • Overhead stretch
  • Seated twist
  • Seated mountain pose


Another low-impact kind of exercise that has developed over a century. Breathing, alignment, attention, and core strength are all emphasized during the practice. Mats, Pilates balls, and other inflated accessories increase strength without the stress of more challenging impact workouts.

Pilates has been demonstrated to help older persons improve their balance, build core strength, and increase flexibility.

Great Pilates exercises for seniors

  • Leg circle
  • Side circles
  • Step-ups
  • Mermaid movement

Safety tips for seniors during social distancing activities

  • Exercise on flat, non-slip surfaces and wear appropriate footwear
  • If you’re just getting started, don’t push yourself too hard. Continue to move forward slowly and gradually
  • When indulging in any physical activity, it is crucial to eat well and stay hydrated
  • Keep someone aware of your physical activities, not just for accountability, but also to safeguard you in the event of a fall or need for help


Physical activity and proper nutrition are vital components of a healthy lifestyle throughout one’s life, and as you get older, your needs vary as well. Even amid a pandemic, being active and exercising is vital for seniors.

Older people should be as active as possible without overexerting themselves, according to doctors and academics. If you incorporate exercise and live an active lifestyle, you will live a longer, healthier, and more joyful life.

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