How Brain Games Keep The Mind Active

Keeping seniors’ physical and mental health in check is always important as we get vulnerable with age. Regardless of conditions, people crave connection and someone. What are Brain Games? While a physical fitness regimen aids the brain to function correctly, seniors might need more to keep their brains sharp. Here, brain games come into play. […]

A Therapist’s Guide to Help You Access Self-care and Wellbeing for Yourself or Others

We want to recognize Mental Health Month as an important observance dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and promoting mental wellness. There are several apps available that can assist individuals in managing their mental health and well-being. Here are a few notable ones: By: Ashli Abernathy, M.Ed., LPC Free Resources for Self-Care and Wellbeing: […]

Anxious in America

If you were a fan of the show ‘Frasier’ in the 90s starring Kelsey Grammar, then you’ll probably remember that oft-told line from the show:  “This is Dr. Frasier Crane wishing you all good mental health.” Each April, we recognize this month as ‘National Counseling Month’ across America. Though highlighted in April, it is a reminder that every day is […]

Taking care as the caregiver

If you are a caregiver, you are more vulnerable to adverse effects on your health. The Rosalynn Carter Institute (RCI) for Caregivers, named after the former First Lady of the United States and founder, makes a case that the effects of caregiving are so profound that it should be addressed as a public health issue […]

A Life-span Perspective On Aging

By: Ashli Abernathy, LPC Taking the life-span perspective on aging can positively influence our mental health and benefit future generations. Aging is typically associated with negative stereotypes and health issues. Still, a growing amount of research is supporting the life-span perspective on development by highlighting the positive aspects of aging that can help us understand […]

How Can We Enchance Elderly People’s Lives

Keep them engaged in family life. Keeping elderly people engaged in the family takes extra effort — especially if they can’t travel anymore — but it’s essential for maintaining those family connections. Make an extra effort to visit elderly loved ones and to include them in family events. Stay in regular communication. You should also […]

Best Winter Activities for Seniors

Will cold weather damper on the wintertime fun for the seniors in your life? There’s no reason it should. Older adults must stay physically and mentally active during winter, just like any other season. The trick is finding suitable indoor and outdoor winter activities for seniors. 1. Bring a Bit of the Outdoor Garden Inside […]

Christmas time is here, and friends and family are near!

Christmas time is here, and friends and family are near! The holidays are the perfect time to include older loved ones in holiday-themed activities. Group activities provide an excellent way for your senior relatives to socialize, which can reduce senior isolation and loneliness that can occur during the winter months. Whether it’s helping plan Christmas […]

Exciting Conversation Topics That Will Bring Seniors Joy

It is essential to develop a few key skills in holding conversations properly with older adults in these and many other situations. Studies show that older people face the highest rates of loneliness across all age groups. So, seniors value time conversing with other people engagingly, contributing to their overall well-being. This article outlines several […]