Tips to Stay Healthy and Well This Fall

The fall season is where the leaves turn golden colors, the days become shorter with golden sunsets, and everything appears to have a peaceful, cooler air about it. It is also the season of cold and flu along with the lure to stay indoors and devour comfort food. The season where the average adult catches two […]

What’s New with the Seasonal Flu: Updates for Seniors

COVID-19 has certainly been a priority, but don’t forget to prepare for the upcoming influenza season as well! The Upcoming Flu Season Last winter was a mild flu season, which was a blessing considering the ongoing pandemic struggles and the overburdened healthcare system.  In spite of that, there is no guarantee that this winter will […]

Helping Seniors Stay Hydrated

To stay hydrated, seniors require 40 ounces of water each day, which is eight five-ounce glasses. However, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality studies show that seniors over 65 years of age have the most hospitalization rates for admission due to dehydration. There is also an estimate that up to 40% of retired seniors […]