Raise State Rates for Home Caregivers

John David Ball has served as chief executive officer of Outreach Health since 2019. He wrote this for The Dallas Morning News.   Link to Dallas Morning News article:  For nearly 50 years, my family has worked hard to care for vulnerable Texans in the comfort of their homes. During those decades, my father’s small […]

How Seniors Can Prepare for a Safe and Healthy Retirement 

Retirement is an important and exciting milestone to achieve in life. After years of hard work, you’re finally able to sit back and relax! However, enjoying your golden years doesn’t just happen naturally – there’s a lot of planning and preparation involved to ensure you have a safe and healthy retirement. If you’re getting close […]

How Seniors Can Manage Financial Stress and Anxiety

Finances can be challenging to manage especially as you get older. According to the National Council on Aging, over 15 million Americans 65 years and older are economically insecure. With no more income from a job during retirement, handling certain financial burdens can be difficult. Whether you have minor or significant money-related complications, these obstacles […]