Today is an extraordinary day here at Outreach, and I believe it’s essential to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements we are celebrating. We are honoring qualities such as hard work, passion, perseverance, kindness, and above all, Longevity.

Throughout the years, Outreach has navigated numerous twists and turns on our journey of growth. We’ve experienced the exhilarating highs of success and weathered the challenges of the pandemic a few years ago. We’ve triumphed in many aspects and grown in resilience in others. Today, there are no two individuals within our company who embody these principles more than our esteemed caregivers, Melissa Moseley and Kimmy Edwards. Today, we commemorate Melissa’s 20-year milestone with Outreach and Kimmy’s incredible 35-year journey!

I am consistently awe-struck by the unwavering dedication and compassion that our caregivers demonstrate daily. Witnessing these two exceptional individuals embody these values for such an extended period is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and that is why we celebrate them today.

Kimmy is a wonderful lady based in the Seymour area, and caregiving has been her lifelong passion. We are fortunate to have had Kimmy with us for over 35 years, during which she has consistently delivered exceptional client care and performance.

Melissa is an outstanding caregiver who has dedicated over 20 years to Outreach. Based in the Lubbock area, she continues to provide heartfelt care to her clients, and it’s this commitment that endears her to us.

Moments like these remind me why I cherish our work at Outreach. Witnessing the genuine passion and unwavering dedication of our team is a continuous source of inspiration in my life. I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for joining our mission and embodying what it truly means to care. It’s not just about caring for others, but also caring about your purpose and the world at large.

Let’s raise a toast to Melissa and Kimmy for their extraordinary contributions over the years.

– John David Ball, CEO

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