Positive Mindset Shifts for the New Year

Well – 2022 is upon us, and can we just say it has been a crazy couple of years?  As we look towards another year of unknowns, let’s take time to reflect on positivity and how it can help reframe our expectations.

You Don’t Have to Make New Year’s Resolutions

Seriously – have you ever kept one?  For more than a few months?  Or do your resolutions end up as something else to feel guilty about?  New Year’s Resolutions are a tradition, but they don’t have to be your tradition.  Try something else instead!

Instead of one or two big resolutions, try implementing a daily habit or two!  Smaller, more achievable changes are easier to succeed at, and often make an even bigger impact in your life.

Daily Habits to Improve your Mindset:


Get up 30 minutes earlier.  The morning rush is a stressful time for anyone – no matter what your routine looks like.  Find yourself rolling out of bed 30 minutes before your first Zoom call?  Or 20 minutes before your kids have to catch the bus? Plan some tranquility time into your day by getting up 30 minutes earlier.  Use this time to slow down your daily rush, enjoy a cup of coffee, or just do a little staring out the window.  Letting yourself ease into the day helps reduce anxiety and calm your nerves.

Start a Gratitude Journal.  Does this seem daunting?  It doesn’t have to be.  A sentence or two will do.  Simply starting your day with 1 or 2 things you are grateful for can have a positive impact on your day.  The tendency towards negative thoughts can be gradually rewired to focus more on gratitude over time.

Notice your Inner Dialogue.  Are you road raging in your mind, judging those around you, angry? You may not even notice it anymore….that inner voice that is a constant background to your life.  Take some time to reflect and really notice what your inner self is saying.  Your self-talk.  Is it positive, uplifting, or grateful?  If not, spend time reflecting on that and trying to change it.  Notice the good about people instead of the bad.  Take time to think that maybe that other person is having a really bad day, and practice giving a little grace to others.  It may take time, but you can get out of the habit of negative self-talk.

Pamper Yourself.  This may sound trite, but it is hard to feel negative after a good pedicure.  Or a long hot bath.  Being available for yourself is important – even 30 minutes.  It helps quiet your inner negativity and provides a calming space.

Shut the News Off.  I don’t mean to become totally unaware of the world around you.  BUT – come on, it’s a running track of COVID-19, politics, AND to top it off 2022 is a mid-term election year.  It is ok to take a break.  Get your news quickly and GO!

Reduce Screen Time.  This practice is not just for teenagers and kids – it’s for you too! The more time you spend on social media, news sites, or Instagram, the less time you are spending in the real world with family and friends, hobbies, and yourself.  These are distractions that can actually make you more susceptible to a negative mindset, depression, and anxiety.  Find your happy medium, and don’t spend time on social media that makes you angry, anxious, or unhappy.

Spend more Time Outside.  Ahhh……the great outdoors.  You don’t have to be a camper/hiker super outdoorsy person to enjoy it.  Take a walk, visit a park or nature preserve, or just sit in a swing and watch the trees.  Nature is calming, and you always can learn something by watching the plants and animals around you.  Taking photographs, watching birds, picking wildflowers – any outdoor time that you spend is well-invested.

Look, every year brings its own challenges – but there is no doubt that you can face whatever challenges life throws at you – with the right mindset and support.  Gather your loved ones close this year and prepare to put your best foot forward into the new year.  Take the challenge to go resolution-free and tack on positive daily habits to speed you along.






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