Tips For Celebrating Thanksgiving With Your Senior Loved Ones

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for family and friends to gather together, enjoy good food, and spend quality time with one another in a festive atmosphere!

This holiday is a favorite for many families, in part due to the authentic traditions that come along with it. However, planning for Thanksgiving can also bring stress for some families, especially if you’re a caregiver for the senior loved one in your life.

Thanksgiving can often be emotionally difficult for many seniors, leaving them feeling stressed or perhaps even lonely. But there are many ways to ensure that Thanksgiving can be enjoyable and stress-free for our elderly family and friends:

  • Discover ways to include older relatives in festivities by modifying the celebration! For example, for those who have more difficulty getting around, consider getting transport and assist your loved one to a family event.
  • If your loved one cannot come to your celebration, consider bringing a small celebration to your loved one’s home.
  • Simplify routines and modify traditions to reduce stress and accommodate those relatives with special physical needs.
  • Be conscious of potential difficulties with a holiday if your loved one has physical or mental limitations. Would your loved one with dementia be overwhelmed and anxious at a large gathering? If so, plan accordingly.
  • Determine what traditions may be most important to loved ones, and then figure out how to continue those traditions or modify them in new ways.
  • Feeling a part of the holiday season is important to your elderly loved ones. Offer to help by shopping, running errands, picking up gifts, and mailing packages or cards. Assist with gift wrapping, preparing packages, and making them feel included in the usual holiday festivities.
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