Best Winter Activities for Seniors

Will cold weather damper on the wintertime fun for the seniors in your life? There’s no reason it should. Older adults must stay physically and mentally active during winter, just like any other season. The trick is finding suitable indoor and outdoor winter activities for seniors.

1. Bring a Bit of the Outdoor Garden Inside

Gardening is beneficial for people of all ages. The activity stimulates all the senses and awakens the fundamental connection with nature. For seniors, it’s especially rewarding when the activity is done in pairs or groups, so enlist as many family members as possible to join in and offer support. Start with something simple. s. This is also a great way to create starter plants you can look forward to replanting outside together during early spring.

2. Cultivate the Habit of Crafting

Art-based therapy is a great way to ward off the winter blues. Depending on physical ability and dexterity, your older loved one may enjoy dabbling in painting, pottery, or clay sculpting. Adult coloring books are trendy these days. Craft projects keep hands and minds busy and are among the best cold-weather activities for seniors.

3. Make the Kitchen Your Hub of Activity

Winter months are perfect for spending quality time making something satisfying and delicious. Simple cooking and baking projects are rewarding for everyone in the household. Spending time together making a meal or baked treat is a social activity that gives seniors a sense of inclusion, purpose, and accomplishment.

4. Feed the Mind with Reading and Thought

Why not start a two-member book club with your older loved one? Choose a title you can relate to, and set aside an hour each day to read and discuss what you’ve read.  Reading does wonders for mental well-being and can provide hours of stimulating thought and relaxing pleasure for the seniors in your life.

5. You Can’t Forget Physical Activity

Exercise is one of the most important ways to maintain overall health, and the cold shouldn’t cause a decrease in physical activity. Low-impact exercises that can be done indoors include stretching, tai chi, yoga, and chair exercises. Resistance band exercises are perfect for indoor workouts and can keep seniors strong and flexible throughout the winter months.

6. The Great Outdoors is Still Out There

Colder temperatures are no reason to stay away from fresh air and sunshine for an entire season. Getting outside a little every month during the winter is good for the constitution and a morale booster we all need.

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