Amazing Caregivers and their Heroic Actions

Being a caregiver is a calling that requires an enormous commitment of time, energy, and love. During the recent winter storms that affected most of Texas, Outreach caregivers demonstrated this devotion to helping the most vulnerable in our communities. While most Texans were able to stay warm at home, Outreach Health caregivers were hard at work taking care of their clients.

Vanessa L. from Austin, TX, woke up to the inclement weather and braved the slippery sidewalks to catch the Capital Metro Bus to reach her clients. She did not let anything stand in her way of providing the necessary care for her two clients. Vanessa took flashlights and candles for her client who lost electricity to make sure she had light until power was restored.

In Harker Heights, Timothy T. saw all three of his clients during the icy conditions. While neither he nor his clients had power, it didn’t stop him from bundling up and walking to all his clients’ homes to make sure they were safe. Timothy loves caring for others, and the ice storm did not stand in the way of his life’s mission.

Also in Harker Heights, Rose C. didn’t let the storm stop her from caring for all four of her clients that week. Rose has been a caregiver at Outreach for over 12 years and is adored by all of her clients. Rose loves working and helping others and says she will keep doing it until she can’t any longer!

In Hemphill, Mary R. woke up early during the week of the ice storm to provide extra time for her to travel on the icy roads to get to her client’s house in time, who is completely dependent on Mary’s services. Mary knew her client would not be able to get out of bed or have breakfast if she did not show up.

Without these essential services, many seniors and persons with disabilities would not be able to stay safely in their homes. Outreach is very blessed to have these amazing individuals on our care teams. These are just a few examples of the amazing caregivers and their heroic actions. Caregivers all across Texas are true heroes!

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