Happy Nurses Week!

Once viewed as lowly doctors’ assistants, nurses are now recognized as highly specialized professionals with a wide range of skills. Becoming a nurse requires years of study, extreme focus, and dedication. This versatile career with dozens of specialties is a crucial link between patients and doctors.

The advent of modern nursing is credited to Florence Nightingale, who laid the foundation for professional nursing through her tireless work during and after the Crimean War. As a nursing manager on the frontlines, Nightingale introduced hygiene protocols and other measures, drastically reducing infections and deaths in battlefield hospitals.

Today, Nurses work in a wide range of specialties and settings, from school nurses who administer vaccines to highly specialized oncology nurses who assist in life-saving treatment decisions.

To acknowledge the contributions of nurses and call attention to their working conditions, the International Council of Nurses established May 12 as International Nurses Day in 1974. The celebration was extended to a week a few years later, and National Nurses Week was officially born in 1994. Sponsored and promoted by the American Nurses Association, the week-long event highlights nurses’ crucial contributions to the community.

As a company, we take this opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude for the tireless work that our nurses do every day. We are incredibly proud of the nurses who are a part of Outreach and the exceptional care they provide our clients. Their dedication, professionalism, and compassion are remarkable, and we are fortunate to have such talented and committed individuals on our team. During this special week, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to our nurses and let them know how much they mean to us and the communities they serve.

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