Home Safety for Seniors

Our homes provide warmth, familiarity, and feelings of continued independence and safety. With more and more seniors living independently, it has become more critical to make sure that they are safe at home. According to a study by the Federal Housing Administration, 90% of most homeowners advancing their retirement age wish to still reside in […]

Helping Seniors Stay Hydrated

To stay hydrated, seniors require 40 ounces of water each day, which is eight five-ounce glasses. However, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality studies show that seniors over 65 years of age have the most hospitalization rates for admission due to dehydration. There is also an estimate that up to 40% of retired seniors […]


Learn about adult diabetes, primary causes, how to reduce your risk, and how to manage the disease for better overall health! If you are new to living with diabetes, it is important to know the basics. Understanding the disease is the first step to managing it. Many people can control the symptoms with lifestyle changes […]

Exercise and Diabetes

Maintaining physical activity is critical for the overall health of people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Precautions vary depending on the person’s health status. The benefits of physical activity include movement, which increases energy use, and exercise, which’s a planned or structured physical activity. Exercise helps improve blood glucose levels, weight loss, and well-being. […]