Are You Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Senior in Your Life?

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples; it’s for everyone! People celebrate Valentine’s Day to show affection for their loved ones, including your parents, grandparents, elderly relatives, or family members. Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to spend quality time with your senior loved ones. They also need to know they are loved, appreciated, and […]

Outreach receives 2023 Best of Home Care and Provider of Choice Award!

Outreach Health Care is thrilled to announce today that it has received the 2023 Best of Home Care® – Provider of Choice Award and the 2023 Best of Home Care® – Employer of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse. This award is granted only to the top-ranking home care providers based on client and caregiver […]

Stress Relief Techniques for Caregivers

Many caregivers end up ignoring their own health and needs because they are busy caring for others. Caregiver stress is one of the primary reasons why caregivers feel exhausted, depressed, or overwhelmed. Caregivers take on many tasks and those chores can range from shopping, helping with bathing, dressing, monitoring medicines and accompanying them for doctors’ […]

How to Help Aging Parents Without Overstepping Boundaries

Helping your aging parents just enough, but not too much, can make it tough to strike a balance that preserves your relationship and their independence as much as possible. If you’re not sure what to do, here are ways to help aging parents without overstepping boundaries: Know their relationship styles. Not all parents have the […]

How Can We Enchance Elderly People’s Lives

Keep them engaged in family life. Keeping elderly people engaged in the family takes extra effort — especially if they can’t travel anymore — but it’s essential for maintaining those family connections. Make an extra effort to visit elderly loved ones and to include them in family events. Stay in regular communication. You should also […]

Top Healthy New Year’s Resolutions For Older Adults

The countdown to midnight is almost here. For many people, the opportunity for a fresh start will soon present itself. What will your resolution for the New Year be? Resolutions Provide Purpose Resolutions provide us with goals and purpose in our lives. They also help slow down aging. In the Journal of the American Medical […]

Create Your Stay-Active Holiday Plan

’Tis the season of staying fit said no one ever. Busy schedules, holiday parties, and endless culinary temptations make it especially difficult to stick to your fitness routine this time of year. The holidays have a way of throwing even the most dedicated health enthusiast off their game. Create Your Stay-Active Holiday Plan Make a […]

Keeping Seniors Warm

As temperatures start to drop throughout winter, it becomes more important to make sure our beloved seniors are kept safe and warm. While you might believe that seniors are just characteristically warm-blooded, some science backs up elderly cold intolerance and their vulnerability to sudden temperature changes. As people age, their skin begins to lose elasticity […]

Sovrinti, Inc. Begins Pilot Program with Outreach Health

Sovrinti’s smart home sensing and data analytics provide Outreach Health with continuous Data of Daily Living to improve senior care at home. We seek to provide the most comprehensive and highest quality of outcome-based care and believe the Sovrinti system will help us achieve that goal for our clients.” — John David Ball Waco, Texas-based […]